Visit Gaudi Avenue

The Gaudi Avenue is a semi-pedestrian street that stretches from the Sagrada Familia towards Hospital de Sant Pau connecting two magnificent landmarks, Gaudi’s unfinished church, and Domenech I Muntaner’s. This is a street with its own elegance and style filled with pavement cafes, bollards, and modernista streetlamps. If you are going to Barcelona, there is no reason shouldn’t visit this magnificent street.

Because it’s one of a kind.

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Antoni Gaudi Art

Visit Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

At the end of the Gaudi Avenue is located the modernist Sant Pau Nouveau Site, one of the most attractive architectural and historical sites in Barcelona. Built in the early 20th century, this site houses a total of 27 Art Nouveau buildings and headquarters of 9 international institutions. Before its transformation into a museum, the site was a working hospital till 2009. And since you already have Gaudi Avenue on your list, you should definitely add this one to the list. Plus, it’s just 5 minutes away from the Gaudi Avenue.

Sant Pau Art Nouveau

Sant Pau Art Nouveau

Let the locals serve you

You probably would get tired of all the wandering and would want to grab a big bite of some delicious food. No need to wander further, as Gaudi Avenue is the home of some the most delicious tapas and pinchos in the city. There, you got all you need just in one place. So sit under a tree, or on a terrace and treat your stomach and your eyes simultaneously.

Visit Sagrada Familia

Now this church is the heart of the city and believes me, you want to add this to your little list. Not because you want to, because you need to. This huge and magnificent piece of the will leave you in awe. This church is the reason why Barcelona is one the most popular tourist destinations. And just a heads up; you might want to book the tickets online to avoid long queues and use that time in seeing something other than people’s behind.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

The Michael Collins Irish Bar

Now, this pub may not be an architectural piece of art, but it is undoubtedly a pub you wanna go into.

The friendly and relaxing atmosphere, great service, variety of good food and beer, choice of music and sport and the Irish feel are the qualities that made me add this pub on this list.

Visit Passeig de Sant Joan

The Passeig de Sant Joan is where the locals love to go, which alone qualifies it to make it to the list. It’s is just minutes away from the Sagrada Familia stretching from Carrer Valencia to Carrer Casp linking the city’s coolest neighborhoods.

The newly laid surrounding area is what makes it ideal for pedestrians and cyclists. The area consists of many amazing bars and restaurants and delightful shops about which I can write 5 pages but that will be boring and lengthy. So instead, visit the site yourself and get not-bored.

Barcelona Vespa Drive

By now you would have walked enough. So rent a scooter and drive around this charming city all you want while feeling the cold relaxing breeze. With vespa, you can either hire a scooter or join the team’s tours for an excursion, the choice is yours. And the motorcycle rental agency is just two minutes away from Gaudi’s church. Fabulous!

Barcelona Vespa

Rent a bike

If you are more of a cyclist than a scooterist, don’t worry because Rent a Bike is there for you. It is a shop three minutes away from the Sagrada Familia that rents bikes. If you want to roam the city by bike, Rent a Bike is where you want to go. They got normal bikes, electric bikes at very economical prices. You can also enjoy the experience with a group of people by making a reservation.  

 Visit Passeig de Gracia

Passeig de Gracia is the street links the Placa Catalunya with the district of Gracia. This street, packed with fancy cafes, trendy shops and modernist architecture is the busiest street in Barcelona. This majestic boulevard was a showcase for Barcelona’s bourgeoisie at the turn of the 19th century. Hence you can still visualize the horse-drawn carriages, the early trams and the elegant ladies walking arm in arm with their husbands.

Passeig de Gracia

Passeig de Gracia

Visit the bakery Puiggros

The Puiggros is a historic establishment that offers a great variety of bread, pastries, teas, and coffees of the best quality.

It is the perfect place to treat yourself and your kids as the bakery has a special area with toys and a lot of space to play and leave baby carriages. This place is a true gem in the city and a place for best homemade pastries.



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