Sagrada Familia, the holy cathedral of Barcelona is a unique structure designed by Antoni Gaudi. Begin in the 19th century, it is still under construction and is expected to complete in 2026. Never meant to be a cathedral, this marvellous building features a complex art of Gothic and Nouveau style.

The things that attract thousands of tourists towards it is the complex symphony of parts including three facades, double aisles, towers and a museum. Sagrada Familia is one of the most explored destinations in Europe, making it hard to get inside the church quite difficult. Booking Sagrada Familia tickets in advance will give you fast track admission without wasting any time. Apart from its popularity, the basilica has some more highlights. 

Sagrada Familia Nativity Facade

Nativity Facade

The three facades including the Nativity facade, the Glory facade and Passion facade are completely designed by Gaudi. Constructed between 1894-1930, these are the only part completed while Gaudi was alive. He designed the Nativity facade as the symbol of “the birth of Jesus”. He was known for constructing nature’s element. So he made this facade with ornamentation such as animals mixed with the Tree of Life. The Nativity facade has three entrances which represent three values- Faith, Tree of Life and Charity.

Glory Facade of Sagrada Familia

Glory Facade

Out of three the most important one, Glory facade includes the central nave of Sagrada Familia. Gaudi designed this facade to showcase the glory of Jesus and his rise to heaven. Familiar with the fact that Glory facade never gets completed in his lifetime, Gaudi drew some sketches about his vision and plan. This facade displays the Death, Final Judgement, Hell and Glory of Jesus. Some of its work began in 2002  and is still not complete. The bell towers of Glory Facade are dedicated to St. Andr, St. Peter, St. Paul and Jacques d’Alpheus.

Passion Facade

Constructed between 1954-1976, the Passion facade is designed by taking inspiration from Gaudi’s sketches. Supported by six large columns, the Pasion facade is carved with straight lines resembling skeleton bones. On top of these six columns, 18 bone-shaped pyramidal structure lies, which culminates in a large cross with a thorn crown.  This facade represents the Passion of Christ and is sculpted with bare stone. The Passion facade is divided into three levels of Jesus’s life- Last Night before the crucifixion, the Calvary of Christ and the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ. 

Sagrada Familia Towers

The Towers

Gaudi was originally planning to construct a total of 18 spires each for the twelve Apostles, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and the 4 Evangelists. But out of 18, only 8 were constructed till 2010. Each of which at the Nativity facade and the Passion facade. The spire of the Evangelists consists of traditional symbols and the Jesus Christ one is topped by a giant cross. When all these will get complete, Sagrada Familia will become the tallest cathedral in the world. 

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